Reflections and intentions for 2019

6 Jan 2019

By Bodhi J


Sick of creating new year’s resolutions that you won’t stick to? Our Yoga Manager, Michelle Jennings, shares how to focus on our core desires rather than the final outcome.


To me, welcoming in the new year has always been the opportunity to start afresh and leave behind any negativity and unhealthy behaviours from the previous year. The chance to step in to the new year feeling bright eyed and hopeful for new beginnings, and all that a new year has to offer.

Every year I’ve been positive that this would be the year I’d make a change, this would be my year, the year I’d start living the life I dreamed! And yet by the end of January I’d once more be beating myself up for failing to make the changes I was so determined to make, wondering how I could have the best intentions, the most amazing new year’s resolutions and still not be able to make even one of them stick. Then those feelings of doubt would return, questioning if it was even possible for me to be able to make these changes. Sound familiar?

We’re all smart cookies right? And yet the definition of insanity is to repeat the same things and expect a different result… so why do we keep repeating this same old pattern? This year, I’ve decided to try something different!  Through yoga I’ve learnt a different way of setting new year’s resolutions… instead of setting a resolution focused on changing the things I believed weren’t good enough within myself, and making promises to myself that I’m destined to fail, this year I’m going to learn how to recognise my ‘Sankalpa’.

In Sanskrit, san refers to our highest truth, and kalpa refers to the most important rule to be followed, therefore sankalpa is a commitment we make to support us achieving our highest truth, our life purpose, also known as our dharma.  A sankalpa is a statement of your true intentions, and when you realise the truth behind your intentions you don’t need much effort to make them become a part of your life. Your sankalpa will essentially direct you on the journey towards becoming the best version of yourself.

As motivating as goals, more forgiving than resolutions, and more conscious than hopes, they help you envision your highest potential – and align your daily decisions”. Andrea Kowalski

As this new year begins I’m going to find some time to sit in stillness and turn within to discover my sankalpa. Instead of focusing on things I want to change, I’ll ask myself what my desired outcome will be when I make these changes.

For example if my desire is to lose weight, then what is the desired outcome of making these changes… to feel fit, healthy, have more energy and feel happy within myself. So instead of being focused on the change (dieting and pushing myself to exercise more), I’ll focus on the outcome. Make sense? Start with ‘what do I want?’… ‘what do I wish to bring in to my life?’.

When we discover our sankalpa, we need to create a statement that is in the present tense. That’s when we will feel the truth and power in our intention, our heartfelt desire. We are also reminded that we already have everything we need within us to achieve this.

I’m excited to start this year with a realistic goal in mind so that I can start taking small steps towards creating a life I love.

As is your desire, so is your will.
As is your will, so is your deed.
As is your deed,
so is your destiny.
The Upanishads

See you in the studio! Michelle x


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