Introducing… Roll & Release

4 Sep 2019

By Bodhi J


We are now running Roll & Release classes at Bodhi J. A yoga technique using different types of balls to self-massage your muscles and release tension.

Roll & Release is like remedial massage in that it gets deep into muscles that feel tight, sore or knotted. Whether you’re feeling fatigued from exercising, or you hold tension from stress, Roll & Release is a great addition to your self-care routine.

We welcome our new yoga instructor, Maureen, who has introduced Roll & Release to Bodhi J. We sat down to have a chat with Maureen about class.

lady doing yoga

Hi, Maureen! How are you feeling about introducing Roll & Release to Bodhi J?

I’ve always loved Bodhi J, especially the healing journeys. Bodhi J has created a haven for body awareness and rejuvenation (Bodhi’s Salt Scrub is incredible). So it will be fantastic to join the team. I’m looking forward to bringing a complementary class to the studio. It’s a good addition.

How were you introduced to this technique and what did you like about it?

I’m a yoga teacher and I saw Roll & Release as an opportunity to target certain areas in a deeper way. Roll & Release brings more awareness to your body. It’s so important to nurture your body through releasing tension and tightness.

What are the main benefits of Roll & Release?

Roll & Releases works on your fascia. Fascia is the connective tissue that joins organs, bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and muscle fibers. It’s everywhere. These tissues hold past injuries, stress and trauma. Roll & Release allows us to connect with our body and feel where we are holding tension in very specific areas. We are able to target these areas where tightness is felt and stretch, open, lubricate and release them. Roll & Release creates a space within these tissues.

Who would you recommend Roll & Release to?

It’s for everyone. We all hold tension in our body. Whether you’re sitting at a desk all day, training hard at the gym or feeling stressed, our bodies react by tensing up. Getting into these muscles through stretching and massage can give us a huge relief from pain and tension.

What can we expect from our first class?

You’ll leave with an “aliveness” in your body, a tingly sensation. Long-term, you will become more aware of your body and where you hold tension. 

What’s your favourite move?

The Jaw Release. It’s a weird one but we actually hold stress in our jaws by clenching and leaning forward. I also like the calf release. Calves support our body and help with everyday movement. They affect the mechanics of your other leg muscles, as well as simple body movements. Oh, and the butt. Most people that exercise have a tight butt, or if you sit down all day, it isn’t activated. Roll & Release activates these muscles.

Want a deep muscle release? You can book in for our Roll & Release class here.




What our guests have to say

“The space is such a treat for the senses from the moment you arrive; soothing music and candles, a stunning interior, luxurious treatment rooms, a dedicated mani / pedi room and my absolute favourite – a relaxation courtyard where you can sip herbal tea and enjoy a fruit platter.”

Amy Zempilas

“Thank you for going above and beyond to make my experience here so delightful and relaxing.  All the little touches make all the difference.  I feel like royalty.  Looking forward to my next visit.”


“Have no words for how I feel right now- elated, relaxed and rejuvenated to say the least….. Thank you so much for this beautiful experience as always.”


“The whole Bodhi J team and of course my beautiful therapist. This place is amazing! The attention to detail and thought that has gone into everything is more than evident. I LOVE it here. I could have stayed all day. Thank you!

Zoe B

“ I wish you guys could have a Melbourne Spa ! You have just made my Perth holiday. I will be back next time I am in town.  Thank You!”


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