Bodhi J is Western Australia’s premiere natural and organic spa group, founded in 2007 by Owners and Operators – husband and wife team – Danny and Tania Taylor. Each Bodhi J Spa is a restorative sanctuary where you can leave the real world behind and go on a journey of complete and utter relaxation and renewal.


We sat down with Danny and Tania to talk about  their journey in making the Bodhi J brand a success.


What made you decide to start Bodhi J?


Long before others considered a holistic approach to beauty in WA, we saw an opportunity to establish an all-natural wellness destination in Wembley; Bodhi J Health and Beauty Spa.


Tania explains; “I developed a passion for holistic wellness in my own personal life journey, and the Bodhi J philosophy mirrors my own”


This means that Bodhi J use only 100% natural and organic products and holistic therapies that enhance the guest’s overall wellbeing. The extensive spa menu features therapies by Australian eco-luxe brands Sodashi, hand-made in North Fremantle, and indigenous inspired Li’Tya. Yoga, Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Sound Healing also feature on the menu.


How did the business idea develop in to what it is today?


Drawing on our passion for wellness coupled with a background in hospitality, our customer-focused approach has ensured the continued success of Bodhi J. Appointments at our Wembley Spa have become extremely coveted which has led to the expansion of the Wembley premises and the launch in 2015 of our stand-out new Bodhi J Wellness Spa Retreat on Pier Street on the Perth/Highgate border.


Can you tell me a little bit about the early days of the business?


We started in 2007 with two people,.

Since then we’ve grown to a staff of over 60. In the spa industry staff turnover can be a big challenge, and that’s a problem we’ve had to face at several points over the last 10 years. From early on though we made a commitment to creating a culture that supports our staff and provides ongoing and in-depth training. We also make a point celebrate each individual’s milestone as well as the team’s successes. This has contributed significantly to a stable team to drive the business forward, and ensure amazing and consistent care for our customers.


How has the company evolved over the years?


We take customer feedback very seriously and see it as the best tool to help us keep improving and evolving our wellness and beauty offering.

How is Bodhi J different to other day spas in your area and across the country?


The Bodhi J tree encompasses our unique holistic philosophy to beauty and wellness; to enhance each guest’s overall wellbeing using the purest natural products in an environment of complete serenity.


We believe our care and attention for each and every single client is second-to-none. Feedback from each and every guest’s experience is carefully recorded, so that subsequent spa visits can be tailored to their personal preferences.



As a business owner, what’s your proudest moment/biggest achievement you’ve experienced whilst running Bodhi J?


After the success of the Wembley Spa, going on to open the Bodhi J Wellness Retreat in 2015 on Pier Street on the Perth / Highgate border was a huge achievement. But proud moments keep coming!


Since then we won the Best Day Spa Australia at the ABIA (Australian Beauty Industry Awards) in 2016 in Sydney, and just recently we opened a unique Bodhi J Wellbeing Studio at the Qantas Perth International Transit Lounge to support passengers travelling on the new Perth – London Dreamliner route, and in April 2018 we’ll launch our most luxurious Bodhi J Spa yet at the new 5-star Westin Perth.


What do you love the most about the experience provided to guests at Bodhi J?


At Bodhi J we often refer to this quote, “Duty makes us do things well, but love makes us do them beautifully.”


Whilst in our care our guests are our world. We are dedicated to nurturing our customers with the finest, 100% natural and holistic treatments in an environment of complete serenity, to allow our guest to truly relax, revitalise and find inner peace.

Out of all the services and treatments you offer, are there any that you would recommend the most?

It’s hard to choose! Here’s some of our current favourites:

Deluxe, anti-stress and anti-fatigue body therapy: Sodashi Oud Renewal Therapy

This impossibly deluxe 90-minute treatment works on both face and body to provide a complete head-to-toe experience, delivering incredible results in terms of released muscular tension, improved digestion, detoxification and skin radiance. The benefits of this holistic treatment however extend far beyond the physical.  It has a profound ability to release stored emotions and alleviate negativity to improve emotional, energetic and spiritual wellbeing.


Rhythmic indigenous massage to realign energy flow: Li’Tya Marta Kodo Rock Massage 

These magical ancient Primordial Stones from north Western Australian stones are integrated into a treatment that is aligned with the rhythmic Kodo body massage that is inspired by traditional Australian aboriginal techniques which tone and re- align energy flow, enhancing mind and body balance and wellness. The therapist skilfully integrates the rocks with pressure points and spiralling movements that work to ground and uplift, leaving the body’s energies dancing with joy.


Nature’s Face Lift to boost radiance: Sodashi Thermal Infusing Facial 

Coined Natures’ Face Lift, this facial provides an intensive boost of vitamins and minerals to the skin to restore forgotten elasticity and radiance. Using Sodashi’s exclusive Warm Infusing Mask it allows maximum penetration of the nourishing products into the deeper layers of the skin. Tailored to your skin’s needs, this facial indulgence can purify and deeply cleanse, or provide intensive nourishment, leaving your skin hydrated, toned and supple.


 What’s in store for the future of Bodhi J?

 We’re focused on delivering the best holistic spa and wellness experiences in Western Australia and beyond, with a carefully curated collection of pure Australian eco-luxe products. More and more we’re being asked if we’ll take the Bodhi J concept over East, to which we respond never say never!


Ready to experience the true meaning of pampered relaxation? Contact us to book your luxury day spa treatment today!


What our guests have to say

“The space is such a treat for the senses from the moment you arrive; soothing music and candles, a stunning interior, luxurious treatment rooms, a dedicated mani / pedi room and my absolute favourite – a relaxation courtyard where you can sip herbal tea and enjoy a fruit platter.”

Amy Zempilas

“Thank you for going above and beyond to make my experience here so delightful and relaxing.  All the little touches make all the difference.  I feel like royalty.  Looking forward to my next visit.”


“Have no words for how I feel right now- elated, relaxed and rejuvenated to say the least….. Thank you so much for this beautiful experience as always.”


“The whole Bodhi J team and of course my beautiful therapist. This place is amazing! The attention to detail and thought that has gone into everything is more than evident. I LOVE it here. I could have stayed all day. Thank you!

Zoe B

“ I wish you guys could have a Melbourne Spa ! You have just made my Perth holiday. I will be back next time I am in town.  Thank You!”


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